Whole-COMM’s video | Community connections: Stella’s journey in rural Sweden

Whole-COMM presents its latest video showcasing the journey of Stella, an Iranian young woman who arrived in Sweden in 2018. This video is part of a series highlighting the dynamics of community making in smaller towns and rural areas across Europe.

Upon her arrival in Sweden, Stella found herself in Svappavaara, in northern Sweden, facing the challenges of harsh weather and limited opportunities.  Hello Stranger, an organization dedicated to fostering well-being and connections among residents presented an opportunity for community making. 

From casual coffee meetings to dance groups, Stella highlights the importance of a human connection, especially during challenging times. “Everyone is welcome in our groups. Everyone should find friends and spend their free time on something that feels meaningful to them. We just do it.”

The Whole-COMM video series aims to spark conversations about the challenges and triumphs inherent in the encounter between newcomers and long-time residents. Stella’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of social cohesion and the profound impact of community support on individual well-being.

For over two years, Whole-COMM has explored the integration of post-2014 migrants in 49 small and medium-sized towns and rural areas in 8 EU countries, Turkey and Canada. The project’s extensive collection of working papersreports, and policy briefs contributes to the shaping of innovative and effective policies across various levels, engaging European, national, and local stakeholders. As a matter of fact, the project actively promotes international events, such as Labs held in Toronto and Florence, as well as the collaborative workshop in Brussels. Whole-COMM aims to foster the development of more cohesive and resilient communities able to proactively embrace transformative change.

Video by Mystery Films

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