Kick-off video released!

Kick-off video released!

This is the kick-off video of the Whole-COMM’s European project on the integration of post-2014 migrants in small and medium-sized towns and rural areas, that we conceive as a community-making process, taking place in specific local contexts and brought about by daily interactions among multiple actors. Precisely like the streams of spring water that pour in a multitude of whirls and pools, and can take at times unpredictable paths.

Local communities come from afar. They have ancient stories to tell to new people coming from the outside world, Looking for a place to call home again. And the all story changes

Local communities never stayed put, neither do they today.

Migrants are the newcomers.

Integration is a community-making process

It takes place in local and rural areas and is brought about by daily interactions, multiple actors

Ten countries, forty localities

The Whole – COMM European project will address these issues through an innovative research approach that matches different methods and impact analyses of policies on immigrants’ integration.

Cohesive and resilient communities embrace change making the most of each and everyone.