Strategy paper: Making EU Rural Policies More Migration-Sensitive

Although migrants constitute a large share of agricultural workforce and a key component of the “Green economy” as a whole, their role is not addressed and valued in the EU policies such EU’s new common agricultural policy (CAP) 2023-27. Whole-COMM strategy paper, “Making EU Rural Policies More Migration-Sensitive: A Plea for a Strategic Reorientation of EU Vision on Rural Areas“, by Irene Ponzo and Ferruccio Pastore, underlines the importance of integrating migration into rural strategies to handle the unique difficulties and opportunities in these areas.

The EU’s “Long-term Vision for Rural Areas” (Rural Vision) seeks to leverage green and digital transitions to improve rural quality of life and stimulate economic growth. However, this vision has not fully capitalized on the potential role of migration. The Strategy Papers attempts to fill this gap by singling out a set of challenges and providing strategic hints for a migration-sensitive strategic reorientation of the Rural Vision.

The strategic reorientation of the EU vision on rural areas to include migration is essential for the future development and sustainability of these regions. By addressing the challenges and implementing the strategic hints, rural areas can become stronger, better connected, more resilient, and more prosperous. This inclusive approach will not only benefit migrants but also enrich rural communities and contribute to their long-term vitality.

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