Exploring the Integration of Post-2014 Migrants in Small and Medium-Sized Towns and Rural Areas from a Whole of Community Perspective

Great chance to find out more about Whole-COMM's results! Online event
Conflict, compromises, and cooperation. The work of Cuneo's Neighbourhood Committee.
How to develop inclusive integration policies
Our policy toolbox assists local policymakers, government officials, service providers, and civil society organizations in adopting innovative measures in line with EU standards.
Dynamics of migrant integration in smaller towns and valuable insights into challenges and opportunities.
A new report reveals the difficulties faced by migrants and refugees in accessing housing and employment in small and medium-sized towns and rural areas across eight EU member states.
The transformative power of the municipalist movement in prioritizing migrants' and refugees' human rights.
We're seeing a rise in resources directed towards border management, with a shift away from integration efforts.
A reminder that together, we can turn the tide towards a more inclusive Europe.
What is it like to build community amidst change?
The story of Cuneo, as shared by Francesco, the president of the City Centre’s Neighbourhood Committee.


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