Multi-level migration governance: an interview with Tiziana Caponio

Tiziana Caponio, Whole-COMM’s scientific director, was interviewed in Cities of Refuge‘s podcast: a discussion on “Multi-level migration governance in Italy and beyond”.

Italy as one of Europe’s migration “front line” states has gone through tumultuous years of migration policy, which found their apex during the former government with its Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.To break down the practical and theoretical implications of this period and its aftermath, Moritz Baumgärtel is joined by Tiziana Caponio, Associate Professor at the University of Turin and Marie Curie Fellow at the European University Institute. 

The interview starts off by considering the status quo of Italian migration policy post-Salvini before pivoting to the concept of multi-level governance and how it applies, with some significant limitations, in the context of Italy. They also discuss the “whole-of-community” approach to migration governance, which is at the heart of Tiziana Caponio’s new Horizon 2020 project (“Whole-COMM”), as well as the use that this approach could have for small and medium-sized towns in Italy and across Europe.

🔸Cities of Refuge is a project funded by Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek into the relevance of human rights for how cities welcome and integrate refugees.
🔸 The podcast has opened since December 2020 spaces to discuss the role of local governments in regulating migration and promoting the rights of migrants and refugees.
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