Whole-COMM’s video | Bridging communities: Olot’s immigration journey through the eyes of Imam Rahal Hoummi

The Whole-COMM Project is pleased to kick off its video series offering a glimpse into the intricacies of migrant integration in smaller towns. The first video features an insightful interview with Imam Rahal Hoummi, a prominent figure within the Islamic community in Olot, a town situated in the Province of Girona, Catalonia.

Having arrived in Olot from Morocco over a decade ago, Imam Rahal witnessed the town’s transformation also as a consequence of immigration. Imam Rahal articulates the significance of the local community and highlights the importance of sharing a common ground, whether religious, cultural, or human, in fostering unity.

Imam Rahal also emphasizes the role of the Al-Fath Mosque which, besides being a place of prayer, serves as a vital bridge connecting immigrants with the broader community. The mosque becomes a focal point for newcomers seeking guidance on various aspects of life, from housing to navigating bureaucratic processes.

This is the first of a series of videos which aim to showcase stories of community-making giving voice to individuals within small and medium-sized towns and rural areas. Stay tuned for more stories as we continue exploring social cohesion between newcomers and long-time residents in small towns across and beyond Europe.

For over two years, Whole-COMM has explored the integration of post-2014 migrants in 49 small and medium-sized towns and rural areas in 8 EU countries, Turkey and Canada. The project’s extensive collection of working papers, reports, and policy briefs contributes to the shaping of innovative and effective policies across various levels, engaging European, national, and local stakeholders. As a matter of fact, the project actively promotes international events, such as Labs held in Toronto and Florence, as well as the collaborative workshop in Brussels. Whole-COMM aims to foster the development of more cohesive and resilient communities able to proactively embrace transformative change.

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