Whole-COMM at BIRMM’s Migration talks

microfono intervista podcast
The first podcast of the series "Migration talks" discusses the role of local city governance in the integration of migrants, especially in Germany and in Belgium. Louise Hantson (BIRMM) also shares some findings based on  first months of interviews for Whole-COMM.

Receiving and accommodating refugees in European cities: what shall - and shall not - be done?

This is a topical issue in Brussels, which has witnessed a reception crisis. In late 2021, refugees had to sleep on the streets in front of Belgium’s biggest reception centre due to a lack of accommodation. The Belgian federal instances failed to provide more place until the city of Brussels stepped in and offered hotel rooms. This situation raises question of wider relevance: Who is responsible for welcoming and accommodating refugees? Are there differences in the ways in which this is handled across Europe?

Hannah Vermaut (BIRMM coordinator) and Florian Trauner (BIRMM co-director and JM Chairholder) welcome two VUB researchers, who are highly qualified to discuss these questions: René Kreichauf (Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research – VUB) and Louise Hantson (project researcher at BIRMM for the Whole COMM project).

The podcast is organised by BIRMM, in cooperation with the Jean Monnet Chair ‘Expand – Understanding Resilience in EU Justice and Home Affairs’.

microfono intervista podcast
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