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Exclusion policies? The long-term housing crisis for migrants and refugees in Flanders (Belgium)

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Migrants can experience inclusion only when safe, healthy, and secure housing is guaranteed. Unfortunately, unequal treatment in Flemish social housing policies hinders migrants’ access to housing, leading to precarious and insecure conditions. Ilke Adam, Laura Westerveen and Louise Hantson Since October 2021, Belgium is confronted with  what can be called a ‘reception crisis’, with a … Read more

Whole-COMM Country Reports Explore Factors That Facilitate and Hinder Positive Interactions between Locals and Migrants in 9 Countries

Whole-COMM’s researchers have explored the interactions between migrants and long-term residents, and migrants’ experiences of inclusion and exclusion in 9 countries. The reports aim to uncover the impact of policies and local contexts on experiences and social interactions. The study is based on in-depth interviews with post-2014 migrants, focus group discussions with a mix of … Read more

Comparative Paper on local integration policies and multi-level policymaking interactions in SMsTRA

This working paper looks at the integration policies targeting post-2014 migrants developed by 49 small and medium-sized towns and rural areas (SMsTRA) in eight EU countries, Turkey and Canada, and at the policymaking interactions that local governments in these localities develop with non-public actors and governmental actors at higher levels of government. The analysis is … Read more