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Country report on social relations, individual attitudes and migrant integration experiences – Belgium

This report studies reciprocal interactions between post-2014 migrants and long-term residents. It also evaluates experiences of inclusion and exclusion of post-2014 migrants in four small and medium-sized towns in Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia). The findings are based on interviews conducted with post-2014 migrants and on four focus group discussions with a mix of long-term residents … Read more

Country report on access to services – Belgium

  This report examines post-2014 migrants’ access to housing, employment, and other relevant resources in different small and medium-sized towns and rural areas in Belgium. Primarily based on interviews conducted in each of the for selected municipalities, the report provides an overview of:1) the concrete barriers that post-2014 migrants are facing in relation to housing … Read more

Country report on multilevel dynamics – Belgium

This report looks at immigrant integration initiatives developed at the local level, paying particular attention to the multi-level governance dynamics involved. The findings are primarily based on interviews conducted in the four localities in Belgium.  The report provides an overview of: local integration initiatives; the local integration frames; the multilevel governance dynamics;  horizontal and vertical … Read more