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Local stakeholders, researchers, and international actors convene in Brussels to discuss local level integration

Last Friday the Building Bridges workshop organized by Whole-COMM and the Migration Policy Group gathered local stakeholders, researchers, and international actors to discuss recommendations for the integration of migrants in small and medium-sized towns, as well as rural areas. The workshop, which was kicked off by Dr. Basak Yavcan and Dr. Sinem Yilmaz of the Migration Policy Group, emphasized … Read more

Exclusion policies? The long-term housing crisis for migrants and refugees in Flanders (Belgium)

houses in a city

Migrants can experience inclusion only when safe, healthy, and secure housing is guaranteed. Unfortunately, unequal treatment in Flemish social housing policies hinders migrants’ access to housing, leading to precarious and insecure conditions. Ilke Adam, Laura Westerveen and Louise Hantson Since October 2021, Belgium is confronted with  what can be called a ‘reception crisis’, with a … Read more

Country report on social relations, individual attitudes and migrant integration experiences – Belgium

This report studies reciprocal interactions between post-2014 migrants and long-term residents. It also evaluates experiences of inclusion and exclusion of post-2014 migrants in four small and medium-sized towns in Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia). The findings are based on interviews conducted with post-2014 migrants and on four focus group discussions with a mix of long-term residents … Read more

Country report on access to services – Belgium

  This report examines post-2014 migrants’ access to housing, employment, and other relevant resources in different small and medium-sized towns and rural areas in Belgium. Primarily based on interviews conducted in each of the for selected municipalities, the report provides an overview of:1) the concrete barriers that post-2014 migrants are facing in relation to housing … Read more

Country report on multilevel dynamics – Belgium

This report looks at immigrant integration initiatives developed at the local level, paying particular attention to the multi-level governance dynamics involved. The findings are primarily based on interviews conducted in the four localities in Belgium.  The report provides an overview of: local integration initiatives; the local integration frames; the multilevel governance dynamics;  horizontal and vertical … Read more